Ir Dr Tommy Lo, Chairman for Session 2022-2023


It is my great honour to be the Chairman of Materials Division this year 2022. It’s an interesting learning process for me when I first joined the division in 1991 with my civil engineering background.

We encounter materials issues like durability, failure, testing in daily operation of all kinds of engineering works. Our members comes from different engineering fields, say construction, civil, building, railway, manufacturing, testing and certification etc.. Materials engineer should be proud of ourselves and shall play a more dominant role in enhancing safety, and quality of production process/construction works in Hong Kong.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation and gratefulness to Ir Joseph Mak and the past committee for their great job and hosting lots of CPD activities to our fellow members. I hope that all fellow members will continue to support the division activities. Materials division will continue explore the relevant CPD activities that help equip our members.