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Technical visit to the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) at Guizhou, China

Date, time & venue


Programme Title:


Technical visit to the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) at Guizhou, China


Organizer: HKIE-Materials Division


Date, Time & Venue:


18-22 May 2018


Programme Highlights


This is a technical visit to the FAST which locates at Guizhou, China. The visit aims to enhance participant’s understanding to the latest technology development of China and the impact on Guizhou due to the Belt and Road Initiative of China. Apart from the FAST, the tour will visit the Maotai Town and Huangguoshu Falls.


Registration & Enquiries

1.     The number of participants is limited to 30.

2.    HK$4150 for enrollment before 7 May 2018 (includes high speed rail fare, hotel double room accommodation, local transportation and some of the meal expenses)

3.     Addition HK$630 (single room supplement)


Prior registration is required.

1.   For registration, please complete and return the Standard Reply Form by email: kennethpakcw@gmail.com or by online registration through the link https://goo.gl/forms/iGKydALTJJT2NeEs2.

2.     For enquiries, please contact Mr Kenneth PAK Lam at Tel: 9270 0130.


CPD certificates will be available.

Note: The host organizer has right to change the itinerary without prior notice. For personal interest, the participants should purchase his/her own insurance.



Technical visit to Nanotechnology in Action: Waterproof, Sealant and Air Quality

By Ir LAM Chi Sing


A technical visit to Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI) was organized at the Hong Kong Science Technology Parks on 23 June 2018. Upon arrival, the representatives of the NAMI team delivered a presentation on their Nanotechnology products to our members. NAMI, established in 2006, was designated by the Innovation and Technology Commission as a Research and Development Centre for nanotechnology and advanced materials. NAMI undertakes and provides support for market-oriented research in nanotechnology and advanced materials, and strives for commercialization of the technologies to promote a knowledge-based economy. NAMI’s R&D activities focus on five market sectors including Energy, Electronics, Construction, Environmental and Healthcare. NAMI's technologies were highly recognized in the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2018 by winning 11 gold medals, as well as the King Abdulaziz University Distinguished Innovation Award.  The representatives introduced three innovative construction products used in the construction industry. The first one was a cementitious-based waterproofing material with high ductility which is applied on roof surface finishes for the prevention of water seepage and passed through the underside of the slab, and it is flexible, has high durability, elongation, resistance to water permeability and is cost-effective. The second one was a joint sealant for waterproof joints with good tensile strengths and high elasticity, it is also stain resistant and again cost effective. The third product was a spray paint for the inner surface of air ducts which helps minimize dust accumulation aiding provision of good air quality. After the talk, we visited their first-of-its-kind laboratory entitled “Smart Construction Materials Lab”. Their representatives introduced various advanced equipment and apparatus to support their research and development; in particular they have a unique 1200°C fire furnace to simulate actual fire tests. Various demonstration sample products being developed in NAMI were also introduced. The visit ended with a question-and-answer session.


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