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Latest Technology of Mechanical Coupler test and BIM application in underground utilities

Date, time & venue

2019-08-13;18:30-20:00;Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room – 9/F


Technical Seminar – Latest Technology of Mechanical Coupler test and BIM application in underground utilities



Materials Division




Date, Time & Venue

13 August 2019 Tuesday, 6:30-8:00 at Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room at 9/F, at the HKIE Headquarters.



Mr. K. M. Wong- Senior Manager of Castco Testing Centre Limited.

Mr. Wong Ka Man jointed the Castco Testing Centre Ltd. field in 1993 and deal with physical material testing over 23 years.


During the last 23 years material testing industry, he has undertaken different material testing training include ie. Concrete, Bitumen, Aggregate, NDT of Weld, Cement, Mortar, and Metallic material etc.


Mr. Zico Kwok – Technical Director of Castco Testing Centre Limited.


Mr. Zico Kwok jointed the underground utility survey field in 1995 and involved in the first pilot contract for Slope Leakage Investigation Contract of Housing Authority.


Mr. Kwok has 24 years working experience in the underground detection industry, he has under taken different types of trainings both locally and in the overseas by many experienced Engineers from the field. He involved in BIM related to underground utilities from 2014.

Programme Highlights


The speaker will talk about the detail of requirement and testing procedure of type 1 & 2 mechanical coupler and share his experience of coupler testing. Testing procedure will be demonstrated through video footage.


BIM application in underground utilities - BIM application for underground utilities becomes hot topics. CIC is also working BIM standard for underground utilities. The speaker  will also discuss about related survey (i.e. Utility Survey and Laser Scanning) for BIM application.


Registration & Enquiries

No. of Participants limited to 80. No prior registration is required. For enquiry, please contact Ir CS Lam at 91527659 or lamchising@hotmail.com. CPD certificate will be issued after attending the seminar




Technical seminar on Latest Technology of Anchor Test and BIM to Underground Utilities

By Mr. LAM Chi-sing


A technical seminar was conducted on 13 August 2019. The first speaker, Mr. K.M. Wong reminded us that a rebar coupler test should comply with the test requirements of the General Specification for Civil Engineering Works 2006, Volume 2, clause 15.35 for tensile strength and permanent elongation requirements. He informed us that there are two types of coupler tests, namely Type 1 and Type 2, each with different parameters. The performance of type 1 may be used as an alternative to tension or compression laps should permanent elongation after load (0.6 yield) and tensile strength meet specific requirements. Type 2 performance consists also of static tension test, static compression test and a cyclic tension-and-compression test. The requirement of the Code of Practice for Structural Use of Concrete 2013 clause 3.2.8 should also apply. Again, the test method was demonstrated through photos and videos.

The second speaker, Mr. Zico Kwok presented the BIM application for Underground utilities: Capital work projects of more than HK$30 million shall adopt BIM technology. CIC is one of the initiators in promoting BIM application to the underground utilities sector. It published and released “CIC Building Information Modelling Standards for Underground Utilities (UU) in July 2019. Also, for UU Surveys, it should cover surveying location, condition and management. There are many types of underground utility networks/systems, which consist of, but are not limited to, gravity flow networks, pressure networks, electricity, telecommunications and others such as foundations and tunnels. BIM has many standard applications such as Public Available Specification (PAS) 1192; BS1192:2018 Collaboration and principles; PAS 1192-2:2013 Capital/Delivery Phase; PAS1192-2:2014 O&M Phase; PAS1192-4:2014 COBie; PAS1192-5:2015 Security; New BIM ISO 19650-1:2018 Concepts and Principles and ISO 19650-2 Delivery/Phase of the Assets. Basic Principles of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and case sharing, including 3D scanning applications for several work activities were also demonstrated.

The seminar ended with a question and answer session.

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Photo: Presenting souvenir to speaker Mr. Zico Kwok (right)




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