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Technical Webinar on “ 核聚變和未成功前的能源展望"

Date, time & venue

2023-02-04;10:00 - 12:00;On-line

TopicTechnical Webinar on核聚變和未成功前的能源展望

Organizer雋悅工作室, 香港發明協會合辦

Supporting Organisation香港工程師學會 Materials Division香港建造及工程人员協會

Date, Time & Venue

4 February 2023 (Saturday). Time: 10:00pm -12:00 pm
202324(星期六) 香港上午十時至十二時  Zoom     


講者: 4 會員分享心得:  Mr. Colin Tam, Mr. Bill Fung, Dr. 曹宏威, Mr. 楊九三

主持:蔣振寧 (物理學家) Lawrence Tseung(coordinator)

Programme Highlights

講題簡介:美國在20221213日發表關於核聚變的突破, 引起各界的關注. 若能成功商用的話, 世人便可享有幾乎無窮無盡的能源. 因為燃料是氫, 而氫又可從水中抽取. 但突破後, 仍有多步要走. 這研討會對核聚變的原理和困難分折和分享. 也會提到核聚變未成功前的能源展望. 若想在 Zoom 會議前有初步了解, 請瀏覽: 21世紀最重要突破:可控核聚變!人類盼來升維時刻?人造太陽、無窮能源、星際旅行,夢要成真?

Registration & Enquiries

The talk would be carried out by the Zoom arrangement.  Limited number to 50. Registration is required. Please fill this on-line application form before on 2 February 2023. Confirmation will be made through email by Individual and Zoom link will be given to the successful applicants. For enquiry, please contact Ir CS Lam at 91527659. Attendance Certificate will be issued within 3 weeks after completion of the webinar.





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